Guatemala is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women and children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically sexual servitude and forced labor. Guatemalan women and children are found in forced prostitution within the country, as well as in Mexico and the United States. Men, women, and children are subjected to forced labor, often in agriculture or domestic service. Children are exploited for forced begging on streets and forced labor in municipal dumps. - US Embassy Report 2010  
In order to provide food and shelter for themselves, children and adults alike live and work in the trash dumps  
The family squats on land provided by a (very famous) coffee producer. Miguel visits the home of the village matron.  
Dona Maria Eliza is told that her grandchildren are found deserted, alone and working among the farmers on the coffee plantation
After being found abandoned at the bus station,  Juan Luis is getting used to helping his blind abuela.
Another abuela despairs for her terminally ill daughter to keep her grandchildren safe and secure
Found and rescued from a life in trafficking, Luisa finds comfort in a small toy
Children are sometimes found too late and traffickers often flee quickly
Claudia, now a teenager, was sold into prostitution as a child.  Having just started the first grade, she was assessed to have the mental ability of a 5 year old.